Days 13-16 of Me Made May 2014

HELLO. I’ve reached a point of exhaustion with this challenge. Not only because my handmade wardrobe is just skirts and dresses at this point, but also because self-portraits take time and effort. But I will persist! This has been a great learning experience. CARRY ON!


This dress is made from a modification of the BurdaStyle Double Layer Dress, but the concept has been in my head since I bought this wide stripe fabric five years ago during a fabric crawl in Calgary.

It’s fun and summery, and though I can see a handful of potential modifications, I doubt I’ll attempt this particular concept again. (One can only have so many bright chevron dresses in one’s wardrobe.)


This is the Lady Skater Dress and I love it so much more than I thought I would!

I feel like a total bombshell when I wear it, particularly because of this vibrant red fabric. It’s far too comfortable to be relegated to bombshell-worthy events, so I tend to pair it with a cardigan or just turn up the self-confidence on days I wear it.


I plan on making another one this month, out of a darker solid. My main modifications are to shorten the bodice by an inch and lengthen the skirt a few inches. (This was too short to hem.)


This is a remake of the Day 5 skirt. I realized how simple and flattering it was, and had this stretch cotton on hand. It’s wrinklier than I’d like, but it’s something I’ll wear all summer with tank tops – loose, lightweight, and uncomplicated.

image image

Why yes, I HAVE been taking pictures of the back side of every item this month! I’ve not been sharing them all with you, but keeping them for future fit reference.



I made this skirt last night, as I was finishing a few orders for others. It’s a self-drafted, super simple straight skirt with an elastic waist. I’ve also decided that I prefer this skirt in the shorter length, so my blue version might be chopped soon.

There! Four more days! Huzzah!

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