Days 9-12 of Me Made May 2014


Skirt details here, along with some more flattering photos.

I was distracted on Friday, because I had a plane to catch right after work. (And tired, because I woke up at 5am filled with excitement/anxiety, and couldn’t go back to sleep.)

The rolling hills of Cincinnati. #roadtrip #family Mom always sits it the back and makes me navigate. #engineersneedprecisedirections
This kid. #benjaminbartlebystein His new backyard. #neigh
Photo Taught Ben how to feed the donkeys.
Lunch date! O-H-

It was a whirlwind visit with family, which included a last-minute flight change, a roadtrip with my parents, seeing my brother and sister-in-law’s new house, celebrating my nephew’s 4th birthday, Mother’s Day with both Mom and Gramma, bourbon tasting, outlet shopping, and a long walk around the neighborhood where I grew up!

I tried to sneak in some outfit self-portraits, but there were so many other, funner things to do.


This is my second knit version of the pink dress pattern, and it’s perfect for running around outside with a nearly-4-year-old and his friends. (And my dad, who is the biggest and loudest kid of the bunch.) My only complaint is that it’s maybe too short for climbing in and out of the back seat of a minivan with your grandmother watching.


Oh hey! Same dress as above, made out of a quilting cotton from JoAnn’s (which my mother picked out, so it was perfect to wear on Mother’s Day), and this was taken at the end of the day in a Meijer bathroom.

Here are the only other attempted self-portraits from the weekend:

image Untitled

We shall call them Blurry and Boozy.


I wore this version of the ikat shirt with black skinny jeans for both sets of flights, and was either too rushed or too shy to set up a photoshoot in the middle of any airport. So here it is, crumpled on my floor, happy to be home

2 thoughts on “Days 9-12 of Me Made May 2014

  1. You don’t say where you travelled to, Maggie I’m jealous that you got to go Bourbon tasting, and also of your adorable wardrobe. xo

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