12 books finished in 2014: The Reader

12 books finished in 2014

Some delightful new friends forced me to take this book home, and promised to discuss it with me once I finished. They apparently collect copies of this book  and host discussion groups regularly.

(These same friends have been searching for a copy of Speaker for the Dead at every used bookstore they visit, to aid me in my attempts to not buy any books this year. THESE ARE GOOD PEOPLE!)

I have thoughts, but they’re muddled. Which was apparently (she learns after a dinner discussion with aforementioned friends) one intention of this book – to wallow in the murky gray areas of life, without making any judgments. So, as a judgmental reader, I finished the book wanting to judge everything. But then, after sitting on it, I’m okay with the ambiguity. I like that it creates space to have difficult conversations about emotionally loaded topics.

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