11 books finished in 2014: The Art of Travel

11 books finished in 2014


Two of my friends were reading it in preparation for a trip, and it caught my interest – particularly because after my last trip to Europe, I felt so awkward/existential/privileged/guilty about international travel, and I want to figure out how to be more intentional and aware this time around.

(Since this is my second Alain de Botton book, I can now say with some authority that I love his voice as an author and will read just about anything he writes. Though apparently I thought he was a bully after reading the first book, and it was only after a book club discussion that I came around. Also, I knew how existential and self-deprecating he would be, so I wasn’t as exhausted/shocked by all of that.)

I actually took notes while reading this book – partially because it is a LIBRARY BOOK and partially because I wanted to internalize some of the thoughts, and return to them easily.

Once I return it to the library – which I must remember to do this week – I recommend checking it out yourself.

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