Days 1-4 of Me Made May 2014


Thankfully, the start of May was also the end of some cold and rainy days, so I busted out the cheeriest dress I’ve made. This is a franken-pattern, a mash-up of my self-drafted Pink Dress Bodice and the skirt and sleeves of a Colette Peony.

image image

I immediately discovered the downside of documenting every handmade item, though, because I discovered some serious…”Bucket Bottom” is what my British friend calls it… an unflattering situation going on in the back of this dress, and I suspect it can be blamed mostly on my use of quilting cotton. Experience sewers, is there some sort of alteration I can/should do to the bodice or waistline to remedy this? I never look at the backside of my clothes, so there is probably lots of room for improvement!


Friday, I wore my most recently finished item, a half-circle skirt made with the assistance of By Hand London’s glorious app and tutorials. My inspiration was this RTW midi skirt, but I will probably shorten it a few more inches. (I have some more of this fabric, and I’m considering a matching cropped tank, to fully copy the RTW look.)


On Saturday, I was assisting a photographer at a wedding, and if I hadn’t recently made a gray version of this ikat shirt, I would have been in serious trouble! (We usually dress all in black, though in this outdoor ceremony, it might have been better to wearing something bright green to blend in.)


Sunday, I wore this polka dot version of the BurdaStyle Double Layer Tank Dress, which I discovered from Four Square Walls. It’s a comically simple pattern, and probably not worth the $5.99 I paid for it – if you can draft the neckline and sleeves, it’s fairly simple to make a straight bodice and a-line skirt from there – but given how simple and flattering the pattern is, I’ll probably get my money out of it (especially during those hot Virginia summers).

7 thoughts on “Days 1-4 of Me Made May 2014

  1. I love all of these outfits! I really want to make that Burdastyle dress. Yours is beautiful! What fabric did you use for it?

  2. Maggie! I found your blog on Pinterest. Nice work!! My one piece of advice for your first dress– it is really cute and I like the shorter length– but for clothing I would steer clear of quilting cotton. It’s hard because it is available in so many great colors and patterns, but it does not make nice clothes. I used it a lot when I first learned to make clothes and they either didn’t last or weren’t comfortable. Great job though… Can’t wait to see what else you whip up!

  3. Thanks Leah!

    I agree with you that quilting cotton isn’t the best for making nice clothes, but I’ve found that the items I wear so often – especially during hot Virginia summers – tend to be made out of quilting cotton. Perhaps I could call them “wearable muslins” that I’ve worn for a LONG time before updating. Now that I’m paying more attention to fitting and finishing well, I have a desire to upgrade my fabric selections, but I also want to find creative ways to continue wearing inexpensive cottons.

  4. I hear you. I haven’t felt like I have ever gotten a good, “professional” level fit or finish with quilting cotton… Might depend on the pattern though. Simple lightweight skirts and tops might work great! At any rate now I am inspired it make a circle skirt.

  5. Personally I think you look great! I live in Houston. I hear ya on the need for light cotton garments. The quilting cotton will never drape as well as garment-weight, but I’ve heard the Queen of England has weighted hems. I’m going to try that soon. Which reminds me, I don’t know what “bucket bottom” is but I think your bottom is fine! Who cares about that body part anyway? You look fabulous and I love the clothes you’ve made.

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