goodbye, train!

Wow. I just realized it’s been five years since I visited this lady in Calgary:


(So classy. She’s going to kill me. But I’m not her internet-little-sister (yes, that’s a thing) for nothing.)


I also go to meet this lady (who is basically famous, if you didn’t already know), and she took me out in a field for portraits. And then she put me in another field with some angry cows who nearly trampled me.


Since I was still alive, Lori took me hiking in the Canadian Rockies, and didn’t force me to delete this photograph of her:

IMG_2903 heart-shaped lake

Today's hike.

Yeah. It was alright.

flickr sistrs

Back to Jocelyn! She let me stay with her and sleep with her cats, introduced me to poutine (I know) and took me on a burger tour of Calgary, in addition to dragging me to the best tourist sites (which are actually cool to visit when you’re a legit tourist), like the Calgary Tower, where I took that photo up top, and to Banff National Park, where we bought silly moose-themed souvenirs.

BecauseĀ Canadians are so awesome, I’m extending my custom skirt offer to FRIENDS OF JOCELYN, and if you claim her as a friend, you can note that on your order form, and I’ll ship your skirt directly to Jocelyn for distribution.

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