Want me to make you a skirt?

[Quick update to add some photos of me in versions of the skirt, so you don’t have to click any more links.]

Untitled Untitled

Since there was such positive response to the skirt I made this week, and since I’m trying to earn some extra money for summer travel, and since I’m finally getting tired of selfish sewing and would like to tentatively test the waters of sewing for others, I’m going create a pop-up shop right here and see what happens…

1. $50 for a custom-made pencil/straight skirt.
2. Orders must be placed by noon on April 30th. Payment to be arranged after order accepted. Delivery by end of May. (instructions for placing order below)
3. Only available to my friends or acquaintances (defined below) and preference will be given to Charlottesville customers if there is overwhelming demand.


1. Knit skirt to be made to your specifications based on your body measurements, with a custom-drafted pattern. Skirt has a 1″ wide elastic waistband that sits at high waist, widens slightly to fit hip, then hangs straight to finished hem.

(If you’re thinking, “That sounds simple! I could make this myself…” DO IT!! Pattern/fabric details are here.)

Fabric options are limited for this pop-up shop, so please see the choices below.

a. magenta watercolor
This is a lightweight poly/rayon/lycra blend that has a slight heathered appearance (as shown in close-up). I have a skirt from another colorway, and it’s soft to the touch and thickness is somewhere between a t-shirt and a lightweight sweatshirt.
magenta-watercolor magenta-watercolor-zoom

b. rust watercolor
Same content and appearance as option a. Might be more sheer in person, due to lighter colors.
rust-watercolor rust-watercolor-zoom

c. red paint splatter
Another lightweight poly/rayon/lycra blend, with heathered appearance. Slightly different print means it could come from a different supplier, and might have different weight/feel in person.
red-paint-splatter red-paint-splatter-zoom

2. To place an order, complete this Google Form. On April 30th or May 1st, I will contact you with an order confirmation and instructions for payment.

If you have any additional questions about the form or the process, you can email me or leave a comment.

3. You may be my friend or acquaintance if:
-We regularly eat meals together, or email each other, or talk on the phone. (Duh.)
-If you’re directly related to one of my close friends.
-If I have taken photos of you, and knew you well enough to share them with you via email or social media.
-We follow each other on twitter, instagram, flickr, facebook…
-I would recognize your name, your face, or your social media handle.


“I want a Maggie-made skirt, but I don’t like any of those fabrics! Can you make something else?”
-Probably, but not now! This pop-up blog shop will hopefully keep me busy sewing for the next month, I’m considering a more customized process in the future where you choose/purchase the fabric and I set a price for drafting and sewing a skirt.

“Have you considered selling these in a local shop?”
-Yes, but I’d rather make clothes in response to direct demand. I can make custom pieces for each client. Also, it eases the pressure of deciding in advance what will sell, and in what sizes – and ensures that I don’t have wasted inventory.
-However, if you own a local shop and want to share these risks with me, or have creative ideas for ways I can make custom pieces for your clients, I’d love to talk about it!

“Do you make/sell any other things?”
-I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! I also make quilts, which is why I understand some of the realities of inventory. Fortunately for me (and my housemates), it’s not a burden to be surrounded by beautiful, handmade blankets.

“Why are you being so restrictive? My money is as good as anyone’s. I hate in-crowd cliques! UGH!”
(Okay, maybe those are sample objections that I don’t expect to hear, but I wanted to address this anyway.)
-I’ll be making these during my free time, and it’s going to detract from social activities or selfish sewing projects, so it’s appropriate that I set limits on it.
-Sewing for friends and acquaintances brings a personal tone to the process, despite my internet announcement and electronic data gathering. If one of us has a question or concern, we’re more likely to treat each other with respect and honesty since there is a long-standing relationship, albeit to varying degrees.
-It’s not so difficult to become my friend or acquaintance. Seriously. I’m an extrovert. If we share a community (IRL or online), and you introduce yourself, I won’t run away!

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