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I finally figured out how to take a full-body selfie with my iphone! (It only took 4 months. And the KeyCam app, which I downloaded in the first month, but hadn’t tested.)

image image

This skirt is a longer length than the last one (at the bottom of this post). A few inspiration photos are on my pencil skirt board. I think the length looks slightly more intentional with heels, but I didn’t FEEL like wearing heels to work today!

The pattern (M6654) doesn’t taper, but falls straight from the hip.

Obviously, it’s a KILLER fabric, and though I feel a bit ostentatious wearing it, I can’t stop smiling every time I look at my skirt. (You can’t tell from the photo, but the darker areas are a mix of black and purple spotches.)

I bought the fabric online at Fabric Mart – the price keeps dropping (I paid $4 a week ago, and it’s down to $3/yard). This color is nearly sold out, but they have other colors available. The fabric weight is on the lighter side – might be better suited to a loose shirt or drapey cardigan.



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