spring wardrobe planning

A lot of things have been happening in my brain/sewing space lately.

I’ve been thinking through a clear, simple capsule wardrobe for spring. It was introduced to me (at least this time around) by Colette’s Wardrobe Architect series, but TRULY clicked once I stumbled on the INTO MIND website. (Warning! You can quickly get overwhelmed by the amount of great content at both of those sites!)

First, I made a secret pin board (which is now un-secret) where I only posted outfits that were both appealing to my aesthetic and spring-weather appropriate. I posted things that either matched clothes I already have OR represented styles I’ve always admired but never attempted.

A few things I noticed:

-For dresses, I’ve got a good handle on what I like, what I look good in, and what I can make for myself.

I’m always going to love a fitted waist dress.

(How convenient that I’ve already made myself a similar version of this!)

I’m intrigued by a shorter knit sheath, but don’t know if it’s going to work for me.

My dress wardrobe is fairly extensive at this point – I wear dresses year-round, and a good number of them are handmade. So…basically I will make due with what I have on-hand, unless inspiration strikes.

-My separates wardrobe is a LOT messier, and I realized that one thing I want to do is continue wearing my black skinny jeans into the spring. How do I do that without a flannel shirt or a heavy cardigan?

Maybe with a lightweight button-up shirt?

I really want to make a button-up shirt one of these days (it’s a 2014 resolution), but I continue to be intimidated. AND, I don’t know how often I’ll want to wear one in the spring.. This might turn into more of a fall transition piece.

This is a cute top option:

I know I’m NOT going to have much luck finding a loose tank that’s long enough for my torso (in my price range), so this is on my short list of items to make. I’ve already failed one attempt, but it was merely a sizing failure, which can be remedied.

The other fun option is a peplum:

I’m still unsure whether this is a flattering option for me, but might shorten a favorite dress pattern to see if it works.

Finally (there are so many options here because my shirt wardrobe is the most pitiful), I’d love to figure out how to make a looser tent-like shirt that works for me.

After lots of studying, I think the best option with this type of shirt is to have something that fits very snug on my shoulders and arms, to balance the volume.

It still might not work, so my other solution is to just make a million versions of something I’ve already shared with you – the shape is interesting, but it’s still a slim silhouette.

Oh hey! While I’m talking about this shirt, here are the two newest versions.

Untitled I was cutting two shirts last night, and decided to finish the green instead of the blue!

-So what about the bottom half? Obviously, I’ll be wearing my skinny jeans a lot.

I’m always drawn to a full skirt with a wild print, but it’s not really something I want to wear more than once.

A better option is a neutral wrap skirt:

I already have one that I love and wear during transitional seasons. It might be time to make another.

I’m also going to give shorts another try – if I pair them with more interesting shirts, they might not be so boring to me. RIGHT? (Also, now that I’m running, I like my legs more than I used to.)

What my wardrobe REALLY needs are some straight/pencil skirts.

This is partly because I realized that the two skirts I wear constantly to work are 10+ years old (I bought them with a suit jacket for interviews WHILE I WAS I COLLEGE). They’re falling apart, and need to be replaced.

(Believe it or not, this is what I set out to talk about when I started this blog post.)

I won’t get into too much detail, but I’ve been evaluating all of the pencil/straight skirt silhouettes here:

I’m slowly trying to integrate a few more into my wardrobe.

So far, I’ve made an above-the-knee navy version:


And I’m probably going to make a crazy patterned one soon! What length should I make it?


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