Clothing Destruction

I was a bit smarter about it this time. I actually took pictures of the garment before cutting it into pieces, so I could understand how everything went together.




Also, before the carnage, I sketched the pieces, and wrote out the order of assembly.


Then I cut it apart!

(There is always a moment where I think I’ll rip every seam and attempt to re-assemble the original, but that is far too tedious.)

(There is also a moment where I acknowledge that I could probably just trace the pattern without dis-assembling, but I’ve not had success with that so far.)

I pressed the pieces flat, laid them out on some freezer paper, and traced the seam lines.


And I pulled out a tiny ruler to add a 5/8″ seam allowance.


(Isn’t that sleeve ridiculous?)

Immediately, I whipped up a version with some thin cotton fabric I had on hand, stitched it together, so carefully, with french seams and everything! Then I put on the shirt and…remembered that the original was always uncomfortably snug at the bust.  (womp womp) Maybe that was one of the reasons it had been on my list for ripping apart?

Such a productive sewing day!

I tried wearing it anyway, because even though it restricted my breathing, it was SUPER CUTE and mostly flattering. AND it was long enough to wear with low-rise pants since I did remember to add a few inches to the length.

But after wearing it for a few hours, I had heartburn and strange upper-back pain. So I made a fresh new pattern piece with a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA FTW), found some more fabric (this time, a thrifted button-up shirt, which I cut so the buttons are on my back), and SUCCESS!

[No picture. Yet?]

My plan is to buy some cheap lightweight cotton solids and make up a few of these as spring wardrobe staples.

P.S. I also attempted to make this in a lightweight knit fabric, but it was NOT a good match. (I like to document the failures along with the successes, so you have a better sense of the process.)

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