sewing associations

This insanely gorgeous dress that is basically haunting me with it’s simplicity and sexiness (or this or this – so many inspirations out there!) plus some nice medium-weight red jersey that I bought at the Silk Trading Company in Richmond.

Plus the Lady Skater Dress pattern, which is saving me from the trauma of trying to cobble together something myself (or -gasp- attempting to sew darts in jersey…again). And thanks to the Perfect Pattern Parcel for making it more accessible!

3 thoughts on “sewing associations

  1. I really want to start sewing my own clothes but man, I have no idea where to even really start. My sewing machine is mocking me from the corner as I type this, ha.

  2. Start anywhere! There are so many wonderful patterns out there, and so many sewing blogs or classes that could help you. Figure out what you want to make, and then find something that will help you get there. Your first version might be crap, but it will no doubt teach you things! (And even those crappy early drafts are usually wearable, and will be worn, exposed seams and safety pins and all.)

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