4 books finished in 2014: Season to Taste

4 books finished in 2014

I love Molly’s writing, and most likely put this on my Amazon wishlist for a day when I needed to qualify for free shipping.

It’s about how she lost her sense of smell and the ways that affected her identity. I was able to identify with a lot of her loss and fears, despite how different our experiences were/are.

However, it was maybe not the best idea for me to read this book right now. Since she’s a journalist, it’s an investigative piece, and every time she interviewed another prominent scientist about her particular ailment, I was envious – why haven’t I been able to question dozens of experts about my double vision? Should I be doing this? Where does one start? How would I talk to them? Are journalists better equipped as patients? Should I have more curiosity? More tenacity? It was a strange, unhelpful path for me to start down.

To put it more bluntly, I loved the book but hated reading it.

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