Best Decisions of 2013: CSA

Joining the Bellair Farm CSA was probably my first best decision of 2013. Our neighbors were members, and encouraged us to jump on board when we moved onto the street.

They went to the farm early on Saturday mornings, to entertain their toddler during the long, unstructured days of summer. I decided to join them on these adventures, and even kept up the Saturday morning ritual when they couldn’t go.

The farm was a great weekly ritual. I loved getting outside early in the morning, and starting my weekend with something productive, and bringing home so much delicious produce! I learned how to cook things I’d always been afraid to cook (more on that later), I always had a unique way to entertain out-of-town visitors, and I was constantly thankful to have access to delicious and abundant local and seasonal food.

upload Entering the farm!

Chicks! Then they brought a COW!!!

Leaving the farm! We found a sandbox!

Excitement at the farm! upload

The rest of our crew. Strawberries!

upload upload

Farm! Flowers!

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