I started by sorting through my photos, to jog my memory, and DANG! I did SO MUCH in 2013!

So, when I feel like a lifeless blob who has no goals and isn’t accomplishing anything, I’M PROBABLY DELUSIONAL.

Posting this list now, with hopes of highlighting each item (with photos!) but with the caveat that things could change.

Best Decisions of 2013:
-Agreeing to photograph Charlottesville SOUP (three times).
-Joining a CSA.
-Attempting Whole30.
-Going to a counselor to deal with double-vision anxiety.

Things I Learned in 2013:
-How to make kombucha.
-How to cut my own hair.
-That I not-so-secretly want to be a homesteader.

Accomplishments in 2013:
-That quilt show.
-Sewing things with sleeves.
-Self-drafting patterns.

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