I made a shirt!

flannel shirt

We could probably blame this on my new housemate, who is constantly wearing beautiful non-button-up blouses with her work pants.

Or we could blame Banana Republic for making a perfectly stretchy pair of jeans that I never, ever want to take off.

Or, Les Fabriques, for having this delightful piece of soft cotton twill in their clearance bin.



We could blame my fear of making buttonholes, carried with me from the days of my old machine that did not have that function. So, even though I have bought multiple patterns for fitted button-up shirts or shirt dresses, and even though I buy fabrics like this explicitly for pairing with these patterns, I somehow manage to find other projects to work on.

We could also blame the Snow Day Dress, of which this is just a shortened version. And the Witchy Dress, for reminding me how delightful a 3/4 sleeve could be.

Either way, I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot more variations on this shirt!

P.S. The Wear Every Dress challenge has been modified, influenced by this interesting project. I put away a lot of the summer-weight dresses that I would usually try to layer-up for warmth, and instead am focusing on sewing some cold-weather appropriate items. Also, upon inspection, I realized that the holes in my wardrobe aren’t dress-sized holes, but interesting-casual-top-sized holes.

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