47 books finished in 2013: Divergent

47 books finished in 2013: Divergent

Why are you reading this book?
Well…I’ve known that I SHOULD read this book for a few years now, but was waiting patiently until the third book in the trilogy was released, because my patience decreases SIGNIFICANTLY once I’ve started reading a series.

What is the first line?
There is one mirror in my house.

Describe the book in haiku form:
Factions: Amity,
Erudite, Abnegation,
Candor, and Dauntless

Anything else you’d like to say?
So, this book is a lot like Hunger Games. At least, that’s what I have to say to friends if I want to convince them to read it. It’s a lot like ANY young adult science fiction trilogy (reminded me of the Uglies Series and the Tripods Trilogy as well), but most people have only read Hunger Games.

But yeah, it was a lot like Hunger Games. Except they veered away from any love triangles, which I appreciated.

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