Wear Every Dress

I didn’t want to get dressed this morning, because it was cold and I was happy in my sweatpants and t-shirt.

But we live in a society, which means I need to dress appropriately and respectfully for work. And also, I have a superfly wardrobe, filled with awesome dresses – many that I’ve made myself.



I find myself wearing the same few dresses over and over again, and neglecting others, so I’m going to challenge myself to Wear Every Dress (you knew that was coming, based on your deductive reasoning skills and the title of this post).

A few reasons:
-Figure out why I wear certain items (and use them as benchmarks for future projects/purchases).
-Figure out why I DON’T wear certain items (and troubleshoot/toss).
-Avoid boredom, which often leads to impulse purchases. Remember how to remix my wardrobe, shop my closet, yada yada yada.

And because I’m nothing if not ambitious, let’s start with a bang.


Why HELLO THERE, sassy red dress that I bought a year ago to potentially wear to a wedding, but which I did NOT wear to said wedding, but kept because you were so sassy! HOW ARE YOU!?

Sort of impractical, if I’m honest. I bought this dress a year ago, and don’t think I’ve worn it once until today.

Let’s break this down:
-It’s SUPER-flattering, with the fit and flare styling and princess seams.
-It’s sassy. Which is my code word for sexy, with the princess neckline (so! many! princess words! in women’s clothing!) and added visual interest at the bust, with some layered details that you can’t see in this photo.
-Because of this, I’ve held it in my wardrobe as a Date Dress, which is a nice distinction if you’re going on dates, but is sort of adding insult to injury when you’re not.
-Also because of this, it’s too much cleavage to wear to work or church.
-Unfortunately, the layered details make it too lumpy for wearing under a t-shirt or thin sweater.

How did I wear it today?


With a loose cardigan, buttoned-up. And black tights and black ankle booties.

What could be done to make this more wearable?
-First, it did not play well with tights (kept bunching at the knee), so I need to get a longer slip or add a sewn-in lining to the skirt. This is, I’m guessing, a consistent problem with my winter wardrobe. (I finally understand why someone would own a petticoat.)
-I could search for a chunkier, snug, higher-waist sweater. But if I could only wear it with this dress, it’s not a wise purchase.
-If I altered the neckline a bit, perhaps by stitching some of the layers down, it might either be more modest or easier to wear under t-shirts.

2 thoughts on “Wear Every Dress

  1. oh yes. i did this maybe last october (if i remember correctly). i wore clothes that i had not worn in five years, yet had moved from apartment to apartment in the meantime. i totally support this endeavor.

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