weekend sewing

I’ve been thinking about garment sewing a lot in the past few months, but I haven’t really talked about it here. I thought sewing endeavors all belonged over on this tumblr, but was bumping against a wall trying to fit my quiltmaking thought and my dressmaking thoughts in the same space.

So, expect more sewing-related posts, as I empty my brain. The list below is a re-post from the tumblr.


A few lessons learned:
-It’s very useful to make a muslin, but once I’ve fitted the bodice, I’m going to be tempted to make a whole dress immediately. (exhibit a)
-Armholes with sleeves are intentionally looser, to allow for ease of movement. Any time I alter a sleeved pattern to be sleeveless, I’m going to be frustrated with the loose armhole.
-Finishing will always be the death of me. (Very annoyed with some dumb mistakes on the neckline and armholes.)
-I need to learn a basic alteration for taking in the back of a pattern, at the top of a zipper. Every dress I’ve made, EVER, has had a zipper that poofs out at the top. Most likely, this has more to do with increasing dart depth in the front of my pattern, but I need to learn how to do this and then remember.
-Hand-sewing a zipper has become my new favorite thing.
-Also, wearing prints!
-It’s important to cut out all pattern pieces at the same time, or you’ll realize you no longer have the right amount remaining for your waistband. (exhibit b)

Weekend sewing!

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