Hey there, vegetables from our local farm! You are so beautiful. Potatoes, I was surprised by your redness when I finally washed off all your Virginia dirt! Tomatoes, NEVER CHANGE! Peppers, now that I think about it, you probably didn’t come from the local farm, but I still think you are darling.


Look at how pretty and delicious you are when placed in a dish together! You smell good, too.

(This recipe, called slumgum by my family for no discernible reason, is just potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, ground beef, salt, and pepper. You bake it uncovered at 325 for two hours. It’s hearty and satisfying.)


HELLO, dress that I cut out months ago, before I started making custom patterns for clothes so that they’d fit more accurately, and that I’ve spent most of the last week lovingly assembling! I’m really proud of how well-assembled you are.


I’m NOT proud of the way you don’t fit my body in a flattering way. It’s not your fault that my fit expectations increased exponentially while you were waiting to be assembled, but I’m still mad at you right now. I’m going to put you in time out for a while, so I can decide whether it’s worth it to rip you apart in a few places and make franken-corrections. 

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