Nalle30 Days Sixteen through Eighteen

The days are all stringing together at this point. I’m spending less time thinking about food cravings (though the daily craving for ice cream persists).

A game I’ve been playing this month is to pit two cravings against each other to see which one is the winner. This is helping me to clarify my “bad” food priorities – I hope cheese and greek yogurt will be a part of my regular life after this, but I’ll have no trouble cutting drinking-milk completely. Baked goods haven’t really factored into my cravings, so I could easily cut them down to monthly indulgences (the biggest sacrifice will be my occasional mid-morning scone from Albemarle Baking Company, and celebratory cakes). Ice cream, you may have noticed, is my favorite treat. Chocolate would be the cold-weather counterpart to that. The re-introduction period is going to help me gauge my personal limits for these items.

Okay okay okay, what did we eat?


BAM! I love throwing one utterly delightful dish into our weekly schedules, and THIS WAS UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL!

We each added a dollop of organic mayo, which was exactly right. Next time, we’ll probably chop up the burgers and shred some more lettuce and serve it as a fancy salad.

We also had some more sweet potato hash for breakfast, another nice serving of salmon in parchment, and superfood salad, which we’d all been dreaming of having again. Tonight, we’re trying this cajun jambalaya for the first time. I hope it’s a winner!

Let me end with something for your amusement. Our fridge looked like this on Monday night:


2 thoughts on “Nalle30 Days Sixteen through Eighteen

  1. Oh wow. Those look delicious! Unfortunately, we’re trying to avoid all sweeteners until the end of this month, but I might try those popsicles once the madness is over!

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