Nalle30 Day Fifteen and a Half

Remember when I tried to run last week? It has been haunting me. I did some research, and discovered that every workout means an extra meal thrown into your daily schedule!

So, this morning, I woke up 15 minutes earlier, had a small breakfast, drank a bit of coffee, and went for a run.

I didn’t die. That was promising. I also managed to run about twice as far as last week (which means just under 2 miles, instead of just under 1). Hills that I’d been able to power through a month ago were still difficult, but I did notice that my energy was staying steady during the run. I’m excited to see what Thursday’s run brings.

And then, almost immediately after the run, as advised, I had some chicken and carb-dense vegetables.

What did it look like?

#latergram Second breakfast. Lunch!

That next picture was lunch – some sweet italian sausage (which had added sugar – oops), some oven-roasted tomatoes (OMG SO DELICIOUS), and an attempted recreation of my salad from the weekend.

Yesterday I forgot to bring snacks to work, and was VERY GRUMPY about that. Also, I went to the drugstore to pick up some things during my lunch break, and realized that I’d NEVER gone to the drugstore and NOT bought a candy bar. It was a bit shocking, really. These sugar-related habits are everywhere!

Have I told you about coconut flakes yet? These babies are my new best friend. I bring them everywhere with me. They’re great for chewing when I’m bored or stressed (two times when I tend to reach for sugary snacks), they have an amazing sweet/savory flavor (and fat content) that somehow satisfies my cravings for greek yogurt or rich vanilla ice creams.

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