Nalle30 Day What?

We’ve hit the halfway point! (Confession: Nalle30 is only going to be 28 days. Or, if we’re honest, it might be 26 if some of us start re-introducing foods on the weekend.)

What does that mean?

Tiger blood? Hmmm….not quite yet. I’m still curious – and a bit incredulous – about these extreme levels of awesomeness they keep predicting.

have been waking up at 6:07 am on the weekends, which has done wonders for my productivity. It also means that I’m nearly a zombie once 9 pm hits, though I’ve managed to push through and stay up until 11 on multiple nights.

Reaching for the right food is more natural now, though I still have fantasies of driving toward ice cream every time I get in the car. (The main temptations: Kohr Brothers custard (chocolate-vanilla swirl with chocolate sprinkles), Graeter’s chocolate chip ice cream, Cookout’s heath milkshake (though, I suspect toffee will be overwhelmingly sweet), and, oddly, chocolate-dipped Digestive cookies.) I’m getting better at shaking off the cravings, though.

Friday night we had an amazing pumpkin-based chili, with turnip fries – they tasted nothing like regular fries, but sure were pretty.


A friend was visiting, so I subjected her to our diet for the weekend. For breakfast, I sautéed some swiss chard (my favorite greens) and fried some eggs in clarified butter. For lunch, we went to Chipotle. For dinner, I fired up the grill to cook some sweet potatoes and steak while she made a delicious kale salad (the vinaigrette was made with lemon juice, lemon zest, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and olive oil).

Untitled Untitled

(I ate the leftover steak for second breakfast the next morning.)

At this point, I’ve tried almost every flavor of Nuggets Raw Kombucha – my favorite is chai.

I still don’t miss coffee, and think my cold brew with almond milk tastes more delicious every morning.

I’m back on meal-planning and grocery duty this week, and it seemed like less work this week than the first. And, since I had a better sense of how much we eat, I don’t think I’ll have to make an emergency trip mid-week to buy more food!

Don’t expect daily updates anymore, but perhaps a recipe summary as the week progresses.

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