Nalle30 Days Ten and Eleven

Let’s see….


Breakfast. This was delightful, and the stuffing tasted like candy! (It has celery and carrots and DATES along with sausage and nuts.)

I ate two lunches on Wednesday, which makes me think that stuffed apple wasn’t quite filling enough. Thankfully, I had an extra lunch on hand.

Lunch One was a salad with strawberries, almonds, avocado, and chicken.

Lunch Two was this:


It was a combo of this and this, with mint from our garden and dill shrimp.

Then…I started feeling sick. I left work early and spent the next day and a half in bed. I was exhausted and felt a bit feverish, but the biggest complaints were what I’d call a sour stomach (lots of indigestion, hunger, but food never sat well) and some major pain in my sinuses.

I’m not sure whether to attribute this to Nalle30. It could be a “carb flu,” but feels too late in the game for that.

I’d optimistically stopped taking daily allergy meds earlier in the week, which turned out to be a poor choice. I was also a bit brazenly eating foods that I’ve been mildly allergic to in the past (peaches, strawberries).

Or, it could have been completely unrelated to my food choices – I volunteered in the 1-year-old nursery on Sunday, and could have caught something from all those hugs!

There are no pictures of our food from Thursday, but I promise you it was all delicious.

Breakfast: frittata with broccoli and ground beef.

Lunch: Ina’s gazpacho with local chorizo.

Dinner: baked sweet potatoes and garlic-rosemary steak.

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