Nalle30 Day Eight Report

It was a rainy day and a Monday. I woke up grumpy and hungry. Breakfast helped a bit, but I was still tired, in my BONES. Walking to work was an effort.

Coffee helped, and eventually my mood improved as I found some work to keep me energized.

For lunch, we ate some rump roast that I’d slow cooked on Sunday. I missed one step in the instructions – the step that would have essentially seared the meat – so I was highly critical of the dish, and worried that it would be dry and flavorless. Thankfully, we all loved it. Even me. (Though I still maintain that it can be better. I will sear that meat next time!)

Lunch #latergram Some more lunch! #latergram

Recipe for the meat here, though I didn’t have salsa or fish sauce, so I added extra chicken stock and chili powder.

We also ate more Lorish lettuce, with avocado, pecans, and some balsamic viniagrette.

For dinner, we ate some slow-cooked chicken, roasted broccoli, and steamed carrots.

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