Nalle30 Day Seven Report

Day 7 started strong – I woke up with lots of energy, ate a big breakfast, had some cold brew coffee before church, and was scheduled for nursery duty with the 1-year-olds. (Nothing improves my mood like giving hugs and high-fives to wobbly toddlers.)

I realized how much more difficult it is to stick to this challenge when meals aren’t pre-planned, and shamelessly went to Chipotle for the second day in a row.


Bam! (I asked for extra meat this time.) My hunger was INTENSE! I’m so thankful for this fast food option.

We spent the afternoon preparing meals for Monday, which was a bit torturous, being surrounded by delicious food smells, knowing none of it was for immediate consumption. (I finally realized why my room always smells like food – the intake vent for our climate control is next to the kitchen. Imagine me, sitting on my bed, trying to resist cravings, while regularly inundated with bursts of chicken-stock flavored air.)

The cravings. They have come.

I went to a 1-year birthday party, and spent the whole time avoiding the strawberry shortcake and beer. The hosts graciously had some unsweetened strawberries and raw veggies I could eat, and those fresh-picked sugar snap peas were delicious…but they’re no homemade shortbread.

After the party, I had a long, unscheduled evening, and I knew the boredom would lead to many cravings. There were many near-tearful moment of opening the cupboard or freezer (WHY DO WE HAVE LEFTOVER ICE CREAM?), staring longingly at something sweet, and then refilling my water glass.

The thing was, I could tell I wasn’t hungry. My stomach was full. A bit too full, probably from that Chipotle, and overindulging in strawberries. But I FELT empty. I feel it now, as I’m attempting to describe it – this sad, mournful emptiness in my throat. YOU GUYS THESE CRAVINGS ARE NO JOKE!

I ate the last of the chicken salad for dinner, and was thankful for the freshness and sweetness of our neighbors’ lettuce. And then I went to bed early, hoping I’d dream about eating ice cream. (If I did, I don’t remember it.)

One thought on “Nalle30 Day Seven Report

  1. Oh man. Reading this is like reliving the vegan year. Cravings are no joke. Keep tracking and updating us. It’s encouraging in an odd way, but I also want to see if you find some tricks.

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