Nalle30 Day Six Report

I woke up at 6am with a TON of energy! Based on the timeline, I expected to be exhausted.

While everyone else was sleeping (my favorite time to get things done), I cleaned my room, stripped my bed, and washed the sheets and quilts. I hunted for dust bunnies!

After planning meals with Barrie – who is taking the lead for this next week – I went to the CSA farm and picked strawberries in the rain. Our haul this week was bok choy, baby bok choy (we’re making that pan-fried curry fish meal again), gorgeous purple kale, swiss chard (SO DELICIOUS!), fennel, cilantro, and…I can’t remember.

Which brings me to one symptom that has been hilarious – when I don’t eat every 3-4 hours, I get hungry. So hungry that my brain basically shuts down, and there is no possibility of forming words longer than two syllables. Katie and I went out for Chipotle last night (the Whole30 Approved meal there is drastically different from my normal burrito, but SO DELICIOUS I COULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT), and on the drive home, with our food, we could only laugh at our inability to form sentences. Yet again, I’m thankful to be doing this with my housemates.


Here was my lunch. Adding extra olive oil and vinegar (and removing the big chunks of dry white meat from that rotisserie chicken) helped make the chicken salad more palatable.


Here was my post-lunch quilting. (Hey guys! Remember when this used to be a craft blog?)

Great evening at the Blue Ridge Swim Club. #latergram ChipOMGtle! #nalle30

Chipotle order: salad with black beans (not Whole30 approved, but allowed on Nalle30), carnitas, peppers and onions, salsa, and guac. It was epic! I ate the whole thing.

Bonus photo from the Blue Ridge Swim Club, where some friends were playing music and some other friends floated with me in the water.

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