Nalle30 Day Five Report


We continue to eat SO WELL! This might be one of the best incentives to try Whole30 or a similar food challenge – to be more intentional about what you eat, and see how much your meal experience improves when you’re expected to prepare full, well-rounded meals.

Dinner: Steamed salmon and vegetables (a similar recipe here – many variations possible) with some locally brewed kombucha. The prep and clean-up for this meal are minimal, FYI. It’s one of the easiest, fancy-looking meals one can make.

Lunch: Leftovers for all! I ate some of the chicken salad (which had been neglected for a few days, and wasn’t particularly improved by sitting long periods – it was dry, and I’ll add some oil to the next leftover portion), others ate the leftover curry (and I was sad to see it gone, which is the best sign that it should be cooked frequently).

Breakfast: another batch of sweet potato hash, with kale instead of spinach this time.

Weekend Plan: We’re going to spend the weekend eating leftovers and fending for ourselves, while also setting the meal plan for the next week, shopping, and cooking. Some lessons from this past week are: do more prep in the weekend and choose some simpler recipes for dinner (like that steamed fish above).

How did I feel? Day Five was a repeat of Four, with a general feeling of blech, comparable to a bad allergy attack or maybe some intense PMS. I had more cravings, particularly for chocolate, and had to actively ignore them. It was refreshing to have some big budget deadlines at work, to keep me occupied – boredom would have been torture!

I’m looking forward to: a weekend without many plans, an opportunity to rest, buying some flank steak at our CSA farm so I can cook this (I’ve made it before, and IT IS AMAZING!), repeating a few great meals from last week…

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