Nalle30 Day Four Report

I was exhausted on Day Four. My entire body ached, I was quickly fatigued, and my head was very slow. Which, to be honest, is a normal bad day for me – like I said before, there have been lots of colds, and extreme seasonal allergies.

Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected.

(Though, I have a theory: because I’ve been living with double vision for the last two years, I’m exceptionally adept at isolating and ignoring unpleasant body issues – first I ask myself, “Can this be explained? Does it fit within my normal – or anticipated – experience?” and then I ask, “Is there anything I can do to alleviate this?” If the answers are “yes ” and “no,” respectively, I carry on with my life and don’t let it distract me.)

HOW WAS THE FOOD? Glad you asked.

Breakfast: I made some garlic spinach with eggs.

Lunch: taco salad (no picture) – I seasoned the meat with a mix of spices from our cupboard, but we were out of chili powder, so I overcompensated with LOTS of cumin and paprika, which BROUGHT THE HEAT. We cut that with a can of black beans, and a bit of cinnamon. To pack taco salad, you should put the meat in a small container, which you’ll microwave, and then layer the other ingredients in a larger container, so you can mix it all together. Our salad layer was, from the bottom: grape tomatoes, guacamole (leftover from happy hour), a squeeze of lime to keep the guac from turning brown, black olives, and lots of lettuce. Onions were cooked with the meat and beans.

Dinner: CURRY!


This was another food adventure, because I’d never made it before. Thankfully, some friends invited me over to make it a week ago, so I was able to act as sous chef and see how easy it can be.

I started by heating some olive oil on medium, added half an onion, a whole tomato, 3 green peppers, 1 red pepper, a very large sweet potato, two tablespoons of green curry paste (which has curry and added spices), and a can of coconut milk.

In another skillet, I was cooking some chicken breasts, following the Joy of Cooking method (minus the flour dredging and the butter in the skillet) which is basically to cook 4 minutes on each side. When the chicken was finished, I kept heating the oil and fat in the skillet, and tossed in some CAULIFLOWER that had been chopped in the food processor.


This is one of those weird paleo recipes that I’ve been seeing for a while, and I didn’t believe it would be any good. But, when you don’t have a bed of rice for your curry, you’re going to feel deprived. This bed of cauliflower was a great substitute.


You probably won’t believe me, but this was the most delicious curry I have EVER consumed.  The sweetness of the vegetables were a great complement to the heat of the curry, and there were still big chunks of meat that helped me feel full and satisfied.

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