Nalle30 Day Two Report

Real Talk: This is a lot of work. It’s no small task to plan and cook three meals a day, incorporating healthy meat and lots of vegetables.

I knew that we’d need a champion to get this off the ground – someone to be energized and motivated and to take the lead with meal planning, shopping, and cooking. I also knew that schedules and stress levels pointed to me being that person. And, really, I LOVE being a champion! My ego was ready to be stoked!

And it was! My housemates are some the most affirming and appreciative people I know. They also, wisely, stepped in and offered to help when they saw how much time was going into all this meal prep. If they hadn’t, I probably would have kept it up until I hit a wall. (#overachieversanonymous)


Katie took the lead on dinner, cooking bok choy for the first time in her life, seasoning it with yellow curry, and adding lots of greens from our CSA. (She also beckoned me to the kitchen while she was cooking, because this dish was so delicious and she knew I’d want some pictures. LOVE!)

THEN she pan fried some…flounder? (I can’t remember exactly what it was. Some frozen white fish bought from Whole Foods.) rubbed with curry powder, and it was AMAZING!


Here’s the recipe we used.

Modifications: regular raisins instead of golden (had them in the pantry, but they make the dish more beautiful), added more greens. For the fish, Katie dry-rubbed the curry before pan-frying, and that brought a HUGE KICK of flavor! After the first two, she simply tossed the fish in the pan with the oil and spices already present, and it was much milder. So, based on your tolerance for spicy heat, you could use either method.

And don’t worry – that’s not all we ate. We roasted some beets and sweet potatoes and…some unidentified root vegetable that I picked up at the farm. Our bellies were FULL!


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