19 books finished in 2013: The Five Red Herrings

19 books finished in 2013

Why are you reading this book?
See previous post.

What is the first line?
If one lives in Galloway, one either fishes or paints.

Describe the book in haiku form:
all you need to know:
Wimsey re-creates the crime
to prove whodunit

What will you do with it now?
keep for reference
x keep and loan out to friends x
keep to read again & again & again
post to paperbackswap.com
throw it away

Anything else you’d like to say?
This book was FUN! It was totally complicated, with those five red herrings, and I couldn’t keep track of all the suspects, and since it was set in Scotland, Sayers wrote in dialects that I could barely understand – I would have to read sentences out loud. Basically, the author and the protagonist were both having a great time, and you couldn’t help but join them.

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