I made this for you!



We all have feelings about the official end-date of GReader. I sure do! Especially because, true to form, I transferred my feed from GReader to another aggregate, and then deleted everything in GReader, not realizing that this other aggregate was using GReader’s feed until the official end-date.

So, it looks like I’m starting with a clean slate! Who knows a great blog I should be reading? (I’m so thankful for this series of blog posts, because they’ll probably help me find many of them.)

Deep breath. We can do this.

40 Things Beyonce Wants You To Know About Beyonce! For those (like me) who haven’t seen her documentary yet, here’s a recap.

We Found Our Son on the Subway – This is such a sweet story!

Did you know that the most popular television show in Norway is about firewood? It’s amazing.

The Lone Bellows! Tiny Desk Concert!

Watch Mila Kunis derail an interview in a really sweet way.

This father is the best- he hacked Donkey Kong for his daughter so the princess could be the hero!

A great reminder that we can always learn new skills.

Heather Ross believes everyone can learn to draw. I didn’t enter her contest, but I might challenge myself to learn.

Some thoughts on a slower life.

WHITE GUY DANCING! Y’all, this video is so amazing. You’re going to watch it twice.

Reflections on Jake Ryan. (This is such an enlightening article.)

Turning Instagram Into a Dating Service. Interesting. Also, I read (but didn’t save) an article about how teenagers use Instagram, with this complex point system maximized to get the most hearts on their photos. It was totally ridiculous.

Work Small to Go Big – I support these thoughts.

Some smart feminists talking about the Steubenville rapes:
This is Rape Culture
Comparing coverage to an Onion parody from 2011
One woman’s experience with rape.

I found something for the ladies: The Period Store! (They send monthly care packages with chocolate, tea, and supplies. Brilliant?)

And let’s end with something spectacular: A discussion of every song on the original Annie movie soundtrack.

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