I made this for you!

my favorite section

Remember, I have a tumblr now, with regular quilty photos and updates.

Thanks to this lady, and perhaps spring fever, I now have a renewed desire to build things. Who has a garage full of power tools I can borrow?

SPONTANEOUS ROADTRIP! (That was terrifying.)

How a Working Class Couple Amassed a Priceless Art Collection. Respect!

Who else avoids thinking about Managing Important Documents most of the year? Until tax time? Yep.

Cosby sweaters. The history. The art project.

What Not to Say to Grieving Parents.

The New and Improved Leading Man! Not who you think it is.

On Intention and “Art for art’s sake.”

I read and share everything Rebecca writes. BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS WONDERFUL! Here she is writing On Follow-Up Attempts

Interview with Marilyn Robinson (it’s from many years ago, but I’ve never seen it before)

A First-Grader Rates the Oscar Dresses (Remember when the Oscars happened? Yeah, me too. And how everyone was obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence? There was even a series, This Week In Jennifer Lawrence, which was pretty hilarious. And then, remember how everyone was talking about how annoyed they were by Anne Hathaway? Yeah, that happened. But then there were also a lot of great pieces in defense of Anne, like this one. And then there’s the Hilary Clinton Catch-22, this measure of how her popularity is highest when her life is the most difficult? REALLY!? And then there was this: In Defense of the Happy Girl. Yep. All of that happened.)

Do you need a social media detox?

Do you need an amazing natural deodorant? (I can vouch for this.)

Do you still believe that women talk more than men?

Do you love Wendell Berry? (We all know I do.)

Okay, that’s basically my catch-up-from-February links post. I’ll save the rest.

One thought on “I made this for you!

  1. I am so glad “I Made This for You” is back!! My Fridays have been bereft without it.

    And – you make my head so big. It’s probably bad for me, but it feels awfully good. :)

    Marilynne Robinson! Wendell Berry! Jennifer Lawrence! What a come-back! More! More!

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