a list

-February was a quiet month, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s always a quiet month for me.

-I’m thankful for DST, and for the possibility of making it to the grocery store after work on a weekday. (Since I try to avoid driving in the dark, this was a big winter problem.)



-Have you marked your calendar yet? April 5th is my quilt show, and I’ve finished three quilts already. (One is a full-day’s work away from being finished. Another is a string of evenings on the couch (hand quilting) and then a full-day of finishing. We’ll see how many end up at the show.)

-I’m already dreaming up the next set of complicated quilts I start making once this show is over. (The quilts I made this past year were a bit simpler, since I had a specific deadline in mind.)

-My March goal is to start journaling more regularly again, particularly to make some lists for myself. When I don’t make lists, I don’t really accomplish things. Particularly when they are things I don’t want to accomplish – things like scheduling an appointment with a regional corneal specialist. (There. I said it out loud.)

-After posting those book reviews, I remembered two other books that I read this past month. No photos or haikus to show for them. Yet.


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