I made this for you, too!


I’m back! It’s time for more! Brace yourself.

The Rules of the Game – I am immediately drawn into everything AHP writes. She is the reason I can now blather on for DAYS about celebrity gossip game theory.

It’s okay if you want to chew on that baby’s cheeks.

EXPERTS WEIGH IN: BEYONCE WASN’T LIP-SYNCING! (America continues to brace themselves for her Superbowl Halftime Show.)

Cville Loves the Garage!

You know about Go Fug Yourself, right? It’s been one of the funniest and most well-mannered places on the internet for many years running. Well, here’s an interview with the authors. They’re so great!

This is so heart-warming.

This looks like a great resource for my friends who are trying to live without shampoo. I love her recipe suggestions.

A great story about Chick-fil-a and gays. (Humanizing, not political.)


I want to know what’s wrong wtih being an internet troll: interesting and alarming

No, YOU’RE it!

I write about food because it has proven an extraordinary lens through which to view relationships and economy and family and dirt and nourishment and hunger.

Sarah at The Yellow House, sharing delicious food and good thoughts.

And then, sometime this week, I fell down two different, but related, internet wormholes.

First, Amber Adrian reflects on her year, then she shares a dating manifesto (these are always good), and then, if you go back a little while, you discover that she live-tweeted her father’s death, which was beautiful and life-affirming and reminded me of my grandfather.

Oh, and THEN Amber links to this person (her name is Jennifer Gilbert, I discover), and I can’t look away, but just keep nodding and crying and laughing, and HELLO NEW BLOG CRUSH! I WILL PROBABLY LINK TO EVERYTHING SHE WRITES NOW!

This is because I can’t help but suspect her of subconsciously believing that if she finds the right lip gloss and the most cheerfully reassuring scarf pattern, she will manage to be worthy of love, and nothing too terrible will ever happen to her.

I’m sure you have not idea what that feels like. But just in case you do, there’s more here. ALSO HERE! I CAN’T STOP SHARING:

No one ever comes up to me and sighs, “You look so normal and age-appropriate!” That would be awkward, of course, and I wouldn’t say that to anyone either, because it would be weird and invasive. But listen: If you are prone to complimenting a person’s figure or looks or expensive rug, you might ask yourself whether you are using your voice to praise the things that you truly feel are important in a human being. If you don’t think it should matter how thin a woman is or how pretty a woman is, consider making an effort to avoid contributing to the cultural dialogue that reinforces those traits. Surely a better and more meaningful compliment would appear in its stead anyway.

Okay. I’ll stop now. After I send you to this one, about her challenge to fit everything she owns into her car, and then drive away with it all.

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