I made this for you!

Quick sidebar: My friend Katie uses every opportunity to say, “I made this for you!” in our regular life. Every time she does, I squeal with delight, because IT MEANS SHE READS MY BLOG! Or, you know, she has read my blog, at least once. It’s the little things.


WHERE WERE WE? How about staring at an email chain from myself (yes, this is how I compile such lists) dated “LINKS JANUARY 18TH!” Was that even a Friday? We’ll never know.

Ladies and Gentlemen, LENA DUNHAM! She says hilarious and insightful things, and I love her for that even though I will probably never watch her show.

But I just love Taylor Swift. And I think it’s fake intellectuals who don’t have an interest in her. I think real intellectuals would be interested in what she’s doing and understand that she represents something really cool and like a great cultural shift. Anyone who tries to debate Taylor Swift with me, I’m like, “You are an uninformed consumer, and you will be shut down. You’re not doing this.” I feel the same way about Katy Perry.

Here she is sharing some lessons learned in 2012. Here we talk about the “audacity” of Lena Dunham showing us her naked body. (No naked bodies in that link. Just a frank discussion about warped cultural expectations.) Okay, okay, one more link for you, and then I’ll (probably) move on – Lena interviewed by Miranda July, which includes the following:

JULY: I do have to say, when interviewers want to spend a lot of time talking about how curious it is that I work in different mediums, I feel like it really dates them—I think, “Oh, you’re an old-timey person.” Which is fine.

You guys. There is a book about FEELINGS! It’s so totally cute. (For kids. Or adults who need some help feeling things. Or anyone! FEELINGS! I HAVE THEM! That word is totally meaningless to me now that I’ve said it so many times. Feeling. Feelings. FUH-EEEE-lings!)

You don’t have to be pretty. I shared this on Facebook already, and had some great conversations. One of them led to a friend hunting down Bossypants audiobook and listening to it that very same week. (Re: Amy Poehler not caring if you think she’s cute.)

Handstand for Beginners – Thoughts on yoga, and life, from one of my favorite people.

Through, perhaps, the dress-a-day blog, I found this awesome series about people who have turned their love of crafting into a career. That, obviously, led me to finding so many more wonderful things. They might show up later.

815 Words on New Girl ARE YOU WATCHING NEW GIRL YET? Please do. It’s strange and hilarious and amazing.

Five Tips for Being Chill on Social Networks. I thought this was a list for teenagers, but really it’s a list for ALL OF US.

I think we are halfway through. Why don’t you take a break?

One thought on “I made this for you!

  1. 1. Why hasn’t Amy Poehler written an adorable and awesome book yet??
    2. That feelings journal looks really neat.
    3. NEW GIRL IS HILARIOUS!! I love that show!

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