State of the Blahg: 2013

I seem to have found a manageable blogging rhythm, with a nearly-consistent weekly list of links, with book reports showing up whenever I finish a book finally write a hiaku about each finished book, and with photo posts whenever the mood strikes.

Oddly, and accurately representing my life, once I find a manageable rhythm, I tend to get completely bored. It’s like I’m so used to fighting for balance, I don’t know what to do in those rare moments when it appears.

So, in that light, here are a few Blogging Resolutions for the coming year:

1. More stories about sewing and quilting.
-Considering the upcoming quilt show and the newly-created tumblr, this will happen quite seamlessly. (Unintended pun.)
-I’ve directly inspired two friends to pick up quilting, and would love to increase that number!

2. Start some conversations about natural beauty products.
-Confession: I’ve been shampoo-free for 3 or 4 years (wow – I didn’t realize it’s been that long), and I’ve been moving toward a full arsenal of clean/organic/vegan skincare for the past 2 years.
-There has been a LOT of trial and error, and it’s still a definite work in progress, but I probably have some information to share, and could benefit from your feedback as well.

3. Talk about my double vision.
-It’s tough to talk about it without veering into bitterness or forcing the conversation to a place of false optimism, so this will be a definite learning process for me.
-Particularly, I think it would be good to have a more concrete record of my symptoms and the diagnosis process, and to have a place where others can ask/answer questions with me.

Disclaimer: This is merely a picture of what’s already on my mind, and what I will encourage myself to write about if/when I find spare moments and motivation for blogging. Thankfully, I have no epic blog following or any responsibility to produce content. I will feel no guilt or shame if nothing new happens on the blog in 2013.

9 thoughts on “State of the Blahg: 2013

  1. K – The real secret to going poo-free is not talking about it until you have fabulous hair. ;)

    But honestly, I didn’t realize it had been that long! I’ve meant to blog about it for years, apparently!

  2. Amy – I love the No More Dirty Looks blog for their reader beauty routine submissions! They’re all a bit more product-obsessed than I’d like to be, but it’s a great way to hear some new recommendations.

  3. Ha. I tried my former shampoo this morning to see if I could tell much difference in the feel of my hair and scalp. Not really. I’ve been toying with several mixtures and all. I thought I would end up blogging during my “adjustment period” but since I didn’t seem to have much of one, I do not have a lot of updates. Frankly, I’m shocked by not having this adjustment period. My hair has always been kind of crazy and was a huge reason I put off trying the natural method. I really thought I was going to have extremely gross or hay-like hair for a month or more.

  4. Y’all are really affirming the choice to talk about natural beauty projects! THREE COMMENTS on one post!? This is so epic!

    Andrea – I think, for me, the transition was much messier, because it turned out that my scalp was quite dry and I had no idea what that meant…nor did I understand that the baking soda would dry it out, and that vinegar is moisturizing (which still, to be honest, blows my mind regularly).

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