I made this for you!


First, pull out your 2013 calendars and mark April 5th – that’s when I’ll be having a quilt show here in Charlottesville, and where you can see all the ridiculously colorful things I’ve been making all winter.

And now, and exceptionally long list of links for you, which will hopefully provide distraction on this last day before everyone leaves for holiday.

Grace Coddington. If you saw The September Issue, you love her. She just published a memoir – here’s an excerpt. (I will probably end up reading it this year.)

The last episode of Gossip Girl aired this week. It’s the end of an era! For those of you who will inevitably watch it on Netflix Instant one day, I STRONGLY urge you to read Jacob’s recaps on Television Without Pity when you watch. He manages to add intelligent commentary, along with extra levels of drama, to every episode.

For more frivolous viewing, check out this sneak preview of Blake Lively’s wedding on MSW. The winter issue comes out this week!

Serious question: what if I decide not to see the Hobbit?

OMG CORY BOOKER! He used the term “conspiracy of love.” Read it for that alone. (Thank you, KTP, for introducing me to this man through his twitter feed.)

Baustin sent this to me, and I feel so known and loved.

Local awesomeness: the Bodo’s gift card, Edith’s first tree, Cville TimeBank gaining momentum, and a great snippet about emotional intelligence in the UVA Magazine.

The way I see it, we’re always broken in one way or another. I just happened to wear my brokenness on the outside this year.

-from one of my new blog crushes, Sweet Amandine

Another one, My Madeleine, has me reconsidering online dating. But, if I’m honest, this is solely so that I can have more hilarious/horrifying stories to tell everyone. My dinner party conversation offerings have been so weak lately.

On the other hand, ambigious texts. Ugh.

I hope you all have safe travels this holiday – my biggest danger is overeating, as I wait for family to arrive. I’ll be cooking this and this, and probably this. Ooh, and these. YUM!

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