I made this for you!


Good morning! I’m slightly ahead of the curve this week. (Though, that might only be because I’ve had two days home sick, so my sleep meter is very full.)

This essay, Why We Love Sad Stories, is very interesting. Here’s my favorite snippet:

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the religious tend to shy away from stories of darkness, yet I’d most strenuously object to the obnoxious assertion that the explanation is one of naivety or simple-mindedness. No, it is simply that those who believe that the unhappy ending is not inevitable do not have the same need for encouragement in the face of its horror.

Talking to Babies About Hey Rosetta – great for music lovers or parents.

OMG NOW I WANT THE GREATEST SWEATSHIRT EVER! (Why haven’t they made one for women yet?)

Stumbled anew upon the concept of flow while browsing a new art discovery, and…I have so many more questions. How often have you experienced flow? Is it usually during work or play? Is flow similar to the feeling of time flying?! CAN I FLOW THROUGH A BLOG POST?! (Rarely.)

Um…I post a lot of links about motherhood and parenthood. This is because I’m surrounded by parents, and they post so many interesting things on Facebook. You know that saying, that you’re an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with? What if, thanks to social networks, we’re more of an average of the 50 people we bump into the most online?

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