I made this for you!


Hey there, friend! How’s it going? Do you need some Christmas cheer? Go here. (Warning: video! My favorite moment is 2:37-8 if you don’t want to watch it all.)

Hilarious story about fighting.

Somewhat related: a list of ways to be happier at home. (Do not consider one a judgment of the other.)

100 ACTS OF SEWING! (You know I’m trying to figure out some crazy new project to tackle for 2013. Tis the season!) (Note to self: Don’t do it. You have enough on your plate. No, really. How many fingers am I holding up?) (On that note, I’m seriously intrigued by this.)

Have you listened to the Vice Presidential Jams Playlist? Me neither, but I’m so glad it exists.

Go read Abby’s book recommendations. Keep an eye on that site for the next few weeks, since she always does great year-end book reviews.

Random internet connections! This leads to this which meanders back to this, which I’ve loved for a long time. Awesome people: they’re always being awesome. Also, I have a theory that, if we all lived in the same town, I’d be trying to befriend everyone who writes for The Curator. Downside of the internet: everyone is too far away.

Let’s end with Dana Tanamachi, because she makes beautiful things and has beautiful thoughts, and she is selling prints in her shop AND I ALREADY BOUGHT ONE because I can’t not be her fangirl.

Wait, no. Let’s end with a cheesy Christmas mix that I made, for those who enjoyed that youtube video.

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