I made this for you!


Disclaimer: it’s not snowing right now! This is a photo pulled from my archives, because the sight of it made me squeal spontaneously. In ONE WEEK we can start listening to Christmas music! Also, I have been told that we’re going to have a REAL TREE in our house! Stocking up on evergreen-scented candles wasn’t necessary this year. AMAZING!

Let’s start with some awesome quotes.

Quick! Let’s come up with an excuse for me to have a new website! I want it to look like this. (My design crush on More & Co is growing to a dangerous size.)

Anne Hathaway! (This article is almost as cute as puppy cam. My favorite part: Hugh Jackman. Obviously)

Sweet Things to Say to Just About Anybody.  This is a great list. And I have quite a few friends who already do most of these things, so I can say from experience that it really DOES brighten someone’s day.

An excerpt, for those who are too cold-hearted to click on the link:

‘You Bring Me Joy. You Make Me Happy.’
There’s ticker tape in most of our brains that spits out these kinds of loving phrases at regular intervals throughout the day. But the phrases themselves don’t make it to our mouth, because they seem cheesy or we don’t know the person well enough or we were raised by people who shook our hands (or worse) when they really wanted to hug us. Interestingly enough, people don’t titter nervously when you say these so-called “overused” things to them. Nor do they run away. They may smile wildly or just slightly, but inside, little Roman candles of happiness are going off. Just say it, and if that’s too goofy or embarrassing, text it.

Shovels & Rope were in Charlottesville this week – I didn’t make it to the show, but I totally love them after hearing their album and reading their story.


Would you like to know how to make the best cup of coffee EVAR!? (Warning, it takes a lot of time and attention.)

“Nobody claimed to have proof of anything. The only problem is that rumors are now reported with the same tone and structure as hard news, and modern readers (no matter what they claim) have been trained to consume gossip and fact in the exact same way.”

That’s taken from this interesting perspective on one current event.

Books! Art! Of COURSE I love it!

Friends, what are you putting on your Thanksgiving Roadtrip Mixes? I’m definitely bringing along some new Birdie Busch. And some new Sandra McCracken (the whole album is available for purchase at her website).

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