Hurricane Report

This past weekend, we drove to the coast to hang out with Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, we went far enough south that she was only threatening us from a distance. Two days filled with long walks on the beach, long naps, and non-stop eating. It was perfect, assuming you don’t mind cold and rainy walks on the beach.

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Driving back north, we were in the predicted path of the storm, so schools (and work for me) were closed for Monday and Tuesday. They were the most restful and productive days I’ve had in a LONG time – I made lentil soup, two pie crusts, prepped another savory apple pie to cook tonight, finally finished organizing and cleaning my room, took sweaters to the dry cleaner, finished a quilt top AND made two more throw pillows!

Oh, and there was a Hurricane Sleepover on Monday night. WINNING!

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