I made this for you!


Did you see the DFW profile in last week’s comments? It was intriguing, and helped me to process what’s going on. Of course, I still can’t decide whether I find him endearingly honest or such a downer that I can’t be in his presence, but I’m about 25 pages away from finishing the book and will process that in the review. Until then, here’s some more helpful information about the recently-released biography!

THESE ARE ALL THE MOVIES I WANT TO SEE (this would be a convenient time to have lots of dates – perhaps I should have planned my social life around the seasonal releases…): Looper, Argo, Seven Psychopaths

Here’s an artist/social entrepreneur that I found/fell in love with this week.

Contact High-Five?

Barbecue Couture?

(Yes, this is the most random of lists.)

And that’s…all I have for you!

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