A walnut fell on my car. Went boom.


So now in addition to worrying that shelves filled with dishes will spontaneously jump off the wall toward me (refresher), I am also afraid to park under trees.

Hmmm…let’s talk about happier things.

Like how I’m jump-starting the winter with a new quilt project:




There are two similar quilts in my mental queue, and I hope to finish them all by April, along with a few other projects, since I’ve agreed to have a solo exhibit with my quilts. (No big deal…SAVE THE DATE! APRIL 5th!)

Also making me happy: our kitchen, and all the delicious things I’ve been cooking. Of course, I keep forgetting to pick up my nice camera, so here are some instagram shots of ham and lentil soup (made with help from my small group) and an apple pie.

photoThis is the only picture I took if the pie. #foodincars

I’m very sensitive to the seasons, and as the days have been getting darker and colder, I can already feel my spirits…cringing? So I’m trying to be gentle and gracious, to nudge myself forward while also remembering to care for myself well. Thankfully, that tends to involve making beautiful and delicious things. It’s a balancing act, and I’ve been getting slightly better at it each year.

2 thoughts on “lately

  1. DEAL! (I just realized there’s a chai recipe waiting for me in your comments. Hooray!)

    This is the recipe that inspired mine, but I don’t follow the portions – I tend to throw in everything I have and keep adding water until it’s perfect.

    olive oil, onions, garlic
    add celery, carrots
    add a can of diced tomatoes
    add a ham bone (ideally if you’ve just served the ham for dinner, with green beans and sweet potatoes)
    and lentils
    and enough water to cover the bone
    (I was out of bay leaves, so I didn’t add any this time.)

    Let it boil for a while, and then simmer for a while, until you’re tired of waiting.

    Fish out the ham bone, let it cool a bit.

    add potatoes
    and salt and pepper
    and whatever meat you cut off the bone once it’s cooled

    Let it simmer some more.

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