I made this for you!


This new kitchen is VERY good for my belly! I’ve made meatballs and spaghetti (without any veal, but it was still amazing), superfood salad (for the second time, though pomegranate season is NOW so make this SOON) and paella – both without seafood, because I am not brave enough just yet, but that paella was so delicious I have bought saffron and will be making it with FRESH CLAMS very soon. I also made this quinoa dish again, and have started brainstorming ways to make it with favorite pizza toppings. And then, corn chowder, pictured above, which was SO DELICIOUS that I have a new rule: Corn Must Always Be Roasted.

Some peaceful words from beautiful mamas…
Staying in the Shire. Rebecca shares the joy of reading a book over and over again.
Sick Baby Words. More poetry from Lora.

Local happenings: someone drove into The Garage and Kaki is having another art show (which is probably sold out already)

Rules for planning a trip to Iceland (which I must do one day).

The most adorable comic ever.

An interview with the creator of xkcd, talking about his secret interest in crazy physics questions.

And finally, a teenager knows more than we do about everything. And it is awesome.

It’s hipster to give a shit if other people are hipsters or not; this is why people who claim they’re not hipsters are the most hipster of all, because they’re thinking that hard about it, and caring that much about what other people think.

Did anyone else’s mind just EXPLODE?

4 thoughts on “I made this for you!

  1. A little. Tried to buy a Groupon deal last year so we’ll see what I find for next. It certainly helped me procrastinate packing last night though since it inspired immediate research ;)

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