I made this for you!


Hi friends! This is long overdue. Last week I was a zombie had a cold and think I spent the whole Friday in bed.

Let’s kick it off with some hard-hitting celebrity gossip: I am totally buying this issue of Vanity Fair, and I have a surprising amount of respect for Blake Lively right now.

ART NEWS: first lecture by the NCAI Scholar-in-Residence (rockstars, all of them), interesting debate about a local mural project (you might want to get involved in the conversation), and I have a new art crush – check out these posts about his process!

Now for a few sweet/beautiful moments.

Amazing birthday traditions from SouleMama (can they adopt me?), though this seven-year-old might have a better sewing machine than I do. Perhaps it’s time to save for an upgrade?

The hardest part about being stuck in a rut, is getting yourself out of it.

Food Woolf

Theory: Doctor Who is awesome because it’s so emotional. Discuss!

And finally, have you ever had a song playing in your head, and then become totally obsessed with listening to it? And then, once you listen to it, you wonder how many other songs you’ve never heard from that artist? And you compile a playlist of EVERY SONG THEY EVER WROTE? Which turns out to be eleven hours long? Oh really? Never? Hmmm…then you won’t be interested in this.

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