thirty one

I started an existential blog post yesterday, filled with those birthday-related questions about whether or not I Have It Together yet, but then life happened.

This is what life looks like right now.


Another collaborative dinner with Barrie – we pulled all the foods out of the fridge that needed to be consumed, and threw together something magical. (This is becoming a trend. It’s one of my favorite trends of 2012.)

another collaborative dinner

While we were cooking, Katie went down the street to hold Ambrose. I told her to steal him and bring him over for dinner. SHE DID! (Concerned parents: fear not. His father was a few steps behind her, bringing a bouncy seat and pacifier, and telling us his bedtime was 9:30.)


We took turns dancing around the living room with the baby, singing to him and telling him how much he is loved.


I walked him home, and sat on the front porch with his parents, talking about my impending birthday, the absurdity of Having It Together.

Thirty one is going to be a very good year.

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