I made this for you!

made this

MANY MEALS have been prepared in our kitchen this week, which is, for me, a sign of being settled in. There might still be boxes stacked in some corners, and I don’t know where to store the brown sugar, but it’s feeling much more like home. Also, you can tell I’m settled in because I’ve had time to explore the internet! Enjoy!

Speaking of food, Essex is now open! If you don’t know what that means, go read about it. And here’s a review. Yum! I wish it’d been open when we visited the left coast!

Long Live the Working Class Hunk – Since reading this, I have started analyzing the attractiveness of classic movie male leads, trying to discern what it says about the economy at that time. What does Ferris Bueller say about the 80s?

Um…I want to go on safari now.

Medium, the next big thing from the makers of Twitter. Get on their waiting list if you’re interested. (I know I am.)

How many magazines do you still subscribe to? A point of view – magazines versus blogs.

omg GUYS IN SUITS! (This is pretty incredible.)

Kiernan Shipka interview – Best moment is at the end, where the interviewer is trying to get her to admit she has a crush on Jimmy Fallon, and she’s like, “I’m twelve.”

Also, Suri has joined the ranks of friends who love this article. If you haven’t read it yet, DO!

Can you jump this high?

It must be a good week for tech announcements – or a week when I’m actually paying attention to some of them? BE LIKE TONY STARK!

I’ll probably make a hurricane this weekend.

Look at these beautiful vacation photos. (Not mine. It did motivate me to edit some more!)

Sometimes, SouleMama just makes me want to roast some tomatoes. (Next week?)

NEW ARTIST OBSESSION! (Thanks, Emily!) Watch this video about her work. You’ll be mesmerized!

One word: porktopus.

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