I made this for you!

No new photos! It’s been a crazy week, and though I had high hopes of being completely settled in this weekend, there has been a slight delay. (Hint: I have been googling variations of “how to get rid of fleas even though you don’t have pets and oh by the way is a flea bomb going to harm my 100% organic mattress?” – it turns out most people who have organic mattresses don’t also choose to fill their home with poison. I am a walking contradiction!)

I love it when Lora blogs, and especially love when she writes poems.

Designers collaborating always makes me squee. Also, this idea that everyone is a fan of everyone else and they’re just enjoying the process together.

Speaking of everyone being a fan of everyone else, The Great Discontent. Again with the awesome interviews.

Did you know that Rider Strong has a production company and a blog? And talks about thinks like the Movie Genome Project? My adolescent crush on him has totally been validated.

The Dream Team: Hipster, Hacker, and Hustler – I just want this to be a sitcom.

This story is so interesting. I mostly love examining the way artists think about their process, their art, conflicts that arise, conversations…

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for pictures of our idyllic life in the new home. Or pictures of dead fleas. It could go either way, folks!

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