I made this for you!


A few links stolen from my friend Austin this week – book lovers unite! – Declutter the Reading List and Same Old Story (about reading books over and over again)

omg I own a recalled book (review coming soon – as soon as I manage to write a haiku)

CHARLOTTESVILLE LOVE – a sweet profile of the New City Arts Initiative written by the Piedmont Council for the Arts (both are great organizations that I’m involved with) and a wonderful article about Ebony Walden, written by a friend (I contributed a bit, and she might write about the Cville Time Bank next).

82-year-old woman the new Lanvin model. This article, and this woman, are awesome.

I’d go to this conference. Wouldn’t you?

Did you ever read choose-your-own-adventure books? Well…

World’s Scariest Bridges – The photo above is taken from the pedestrian lane on #15 of this list.

Celebrity Gossip Time! A new interpretation of the TomKat divorce. Elizabeth Banks has a blog! My favorite tumble has new content from the Olympics.

A story from the last time London hosted the Olympics.

Beautiful, beautiful words and moments from Amy, about mourning.

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