I made this for you!


Let’s start with a confession: I made this coffee for the first time last night, and failed to read the directions thoroughly. I did not dilute the coffee. IT WAS AMAZING AND I DRANK A LOT THIS MORNING! (Which should explain my abuse of caps lock.)

Right now, go and read this series on the Curator. Well-written, intense, and hilarious!

I love SouleMama, and I DARE you to read this and try to tell me you don’t want to live on a farm.

Now that my hair is short, I need to figure out how to make it look like this – I have the length and the natural wave, but do NOT have the bone structure or teams of stylists. (Maybe Lora would be up for the challenge?) Here are photos if you can’t watch the video.

16 Fiction Book Characters’ Myers-Briggs Personality Types – If you’re into that sort of thing. (I know many of you are.)

I love this city. Have I mentioned that lately? I’m also loving local print media – they’re doing some great storytelling. And while we’re talking local media, I was in the news again.

Have you heard the Higgs Boson yet? IT IS SO COOL!

Full disclosure: I haven’t run in the past week. But I’m still hoping to eventually discover my perfect running pace.

And now we get to the point where Saveur’s Food Blog Award Finalists hijack our lives! (I was not expecting it to happen last week, but it did.)

Service 101: Help Me Help You “We lost them because they refused to step outside their small circle of choices and try something new.” This is such a beautiful essay, from a restaurant manager (or owner?) about the difficulties of the service industry and our impossible expectations. One more section:

“Will we ever reach the imagined ideal of that thing we want so much? Probably not. Will we ever find the holy grail, the perfect sandwich, the best margarita, the sacred spot, the wonderful mate, or the greatest vacation spot? Perhaps. If we are lucky enough to find that greatest thing once, why is it we continue to seek it out in exactly the same way, in several different places?”

On Being Satisfied You should read this one as well. Am I the only one drawing all these spiritual parallels? Who knew food writing could be so profound? (I have added many of these blogs to my RSS queue.) Here’s my favorite portion of this essay:

“I think of Scarlett O’Hara. Am I the only one who’s haunted by this scene? She has made it home, she’s hungry. The war is on. There is nothing left to eat at the ruined old plantation but some radishes, and she eats them, whole, unwashed, straight out of the dirt in the garden. Then she makes that heartbreaking oath, the one that guarantees her and everyone she loves an epic share of unhappiness, down to the end of their lives. She swears she’ll never be hungry again.”

One more essay. About a great-grandmother. Moonshine Maker.

Eating Well on the Road: This series is perfect preparation for my upcoming vacation. We’ll be throwing together a LOT of meals from roadside stands or whatever supplies we stock up on before heading out into the wilderness.

One thought on “I made this for you!

  1. The first time I made Iced coffee CONCENTRATE, my eight year old(at the time) drank it unbeknownst to me. He sat talking to the walls in his room for much of the night. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him until I found the missing jar of coffee mostly empty the next morning. He was fine, with no lingering ill effects, but I am most cautious about where I leave coffee now!

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